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Stopmotion short film project with Taelor Benoit

The final film won SIE 73 Board of Trustees Awards of Honorable Mention 2019

April 2018

egg stopmotion-02-02
egg stopmotion-02-03
egg stopmotion-02-04
egg stopmotion-02-05
egg stopmotion-02-06
egg stopmotion-02-07
egg stopmotion-02-08
egg stopmotion-02-09
egg stopmotion-02-10
egg stopmotion-02-11
egg stopmotion-02-12
egg stopmotion-02-13
egg stopmotion-02-14
egg stopmotion-02-15
egg stopmotion-02-16
egg stopmotion-03-01
egg stopmotion-03-02
egg stopmotion-03-03
egg stopmotion-03-04
egg stopmotion-03-05
egg stopmotion-04-01
egg stopmotion-04-02
egg stopmotion-05-01
egg stopmotion-05-02
egg stopmotion-05-03
egg stopmotion-05-04
egg stopmotion-05-05
egg stopmotion-05-06
egg stopmotion-05-07
egg stopmotion-06-01
egg stopmotion-07-01
egg stopmotion-07-02
egg stopmotion-07-03
egg stopmotion-07-04
egg stopmotion-07-05
egg stopmotion-07-06
egg stopmotion-08-01
egg stopmotion-09-01
egg stopmotion-09-02
egg stopmotion-09-03
egg stopmotion-09-04
egg stopmotion-09-05
egg stopmotion-09-06
egg stopmotion-09-07
egg stopmotion-10-01
egg stopmotion-10-02
egg stopmotion-10-03
egg stopmotion-10-04
egg stopmotion-10-05
egg stopmotion-10-06
egg stopmotion-11-01
egg stopmotion-11-02
egg stopmotion-11-03
egg stopmotion-11-04
egg stopmotion-11-05
egg stopmotion-11-06
egg stopmotion-11-07
egg stopmotion-11-08
egg stopmotion-11-09
egg stopmotion-11-10
egg stopmotion-12-01
egg stopmotion-12-02
egg stopmotion-12-03
egg stopmotion-12-04
egg stopmotion-13-01
egg stopmotion-13-02
egg stopmotion-13-03
egg stopmotion-13-04
egg stopmotion-13-05
egg stopmotion-14-01
egg stopmotion-14-02
egg stopmotion-14-03
egg stopmotion-14-04
egg stopmotion-14-05
egg stopmotion-14-06
egg stopmotion-15-01
egg stopmotion-15-02
egg stopmotion-15-03
egg stopmotion-15-04
egg stopmotion-15-05
egg stopmotion-15-06
egg stopmotion-16-01
egg stopmotion-16-02
egg stopmotion-16-03
egg stopmotion-16-04
egg stopmotion-16-05
egg stopmotion-16-06
egg stopmotion-17-01
egg stopmotion-17-02
egg stopmotion-17-03
egg stopmotion-17-04
egg stopmotion-17-05
egg stopmotion-17-06
egg stopmotion-17-07
egg stopmotion-17-08
egg stopmotion-17-09
egg stopmotion-17-10
egg stopmotion-17-11
egg stopmotion-17-12
egg stopmotion-17-13
egg stopmotion-18-01
egg stopmotion-18-02
egg stopmotion-18-03
egg stopmotion-18-04
egg stopmotion-18-05
egg stopmotion-18-06
egg stopmotion-18-07
egg stopmotion-19-01
egg stopmotion-19-02
egg stopmotion-19-03
egg stopmotion-19-04
egg stopmotion-19-05
egg stopmotion-19-06
egg stopmotion-19-07
egg stopmotion-19-08
egg stopmotion-20-01
egg stopmotion-20-02
egg stopmotion-20-03
egg stopmotion-20-04
egg stopmotion-20-05
egg stopmotion-21-01
egg stopmotion-22-01
egg stopmotion-22-02
egg stopmotion-22-03
egg stopmotion-22-04
egg stopmotion-22-05
egg stopmotion-22-06
egg stopmotion-22-07
egg stopmotion-22-08
egg stopmotion-22-09
egg stopmotion-23-01
egg stopmotion-23-02
egg stopmotion-23-03
egg stopmotion-24-01
egg stopmotion-24-02


A seal, named Egg, is sun bathing on his favorite rock, until he finds a tasty, but allusive fish splashed onto his face.

Software Used: Storyboard Pro

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